In an effort to connect with COVERGIRL's audience on a deeper, more emotional level, I pitched a video idea titled Honoring America's Beauty. The idea went before Geometry Global's worldwide board of directors to get angel funding; however, the project was later put on hold. 

According to Pentagon figures in 2014, more than 200,000 women were in active-duty military with 74,000 in the Army. These selfless, brave women have risked their lives daily for our country’s safety, enduring poor living conditions, sexual assault and threatening situations. Under such conditions, it can be assumed that women find it difficult to get in touch with their femininity. Let’s remind them how beautiful they are (inside and out) and that their heroic duties do not go unnoticed.
The Vision
Connect with the US Army to coordinate surprise COVERGIRL makeovers at a location TBD on base (community center, school, etc.) for the women returning home from duty. Let’s tap into an already emotional time and make the experience even more special.
These surprise makeovers will take place before the women are reunited with their loved ones. We’ll invite family and friends to the ceremony early to provide them with the opportunity to watch the makeovers taking place a la “What Not To Wear” style without revealing the final looks.

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